God created us with two vital aspects.  The first is that we are made in His image and as such we have a desire to create, to manipulate our environment.  Secondly, we are made as unique spiritual beings and we express our uniqueness through our creations.  Art is also a reflection of our spiritual relationship.  It mirrors the soul of man.  

Students are given the opportunity to implement what they are learning in the arts through performances in chapel, at class performances, nursing home visits, and programs including the annual Grandparents Day Musical performance, and the annual Junior High Melodrama performance. Our elementary and high school students attend local plays throughout the school year either as a class field trip or as part of our HS Formal.  All of our elementary students memorize and recite scripture weekly and have the opportunity to memorize poems as well.  We have an award winning Poetry & Prose team in our lower elementary that performs multiple times in the Spring and competes at the Tulare County Office of Education Poetry and Prose Festival.  One of our fun Homecoming traditions that our student body looks forward to every year is our HS class Lip Sync Competition. Students are encouraged to develop a lifelong love of music through exploration in the classroom and participation in performance.

Students are also given the opportunity to discover the Master Artist and His many creations.  Many teachers will incorporate in their curriculum an exploration into different artistic media including drawing, sculpture, painting, as well as content about artists and why they created their works of art. Entries are also made to the Kings Art Center’s Young Masters Art Show.  The goal is to help students cultivate a lifelong love of art as a medium to express their thoughts, feelings, and ideas. Of course, having fun and generally making a mess with our hands are great opportunities for creative play and fine motor skills development.

High School elective courses offered are: Art, Choir, Drama, and Journalism.


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