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Kinder - 5th Grades

The Kings Christian School elementary program is dedicated to the academic development and spiritual well being of each child. Our aim is to guide students in the perception, interpretation, and application of God's truth as they commit to a life of Christian excellence for God's glory now and in their future.

Using A Beka Curriculum, K-5 Elementary Students will grow in their academic excellence as they dive deeper into subjects including Language Arts, Math, Penmanship, History, Science, Health, Physical Health, and Bible; all of which are taught with a biblical worldview. 

Elementary students are sure to have an active and vibrant experience during their attendance at KCS due to a unique balance of academic training, worship, study, sports, and electives. Class sizes remain small in order to ensure the each child receives the intentional mentorship opportunities needed for their success both academically and spiritually.

If you are interested in having your child attend Kings Christian School, please click below to enroll them now!

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