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Faculty and Staff

Kings Christian School faculty and staff are dedicated to serving the youth of Kings County. Our teachers and administrative staff work alongside your families and churches, equipping our students to engage and interact with our culture from a Christian worldview. 

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Kevin Dalafu

Chief Administrator

"It is a blessing to work along side an incredible staff, who follow Jesus, seek Him, and show His love to others, as we partner with amazing families in educating their children in the ways of the Lord."


Becky Hucknall

Pre Kindergarten Director 

"I love my job at KCS, because I get to show the love of Christ to each child that walks through the door. I love KCS because we are all family. My children grow up knowing they have a family already at the school."

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Tim Hanson 

Elementary Head Teacher

"I love teaching at KCS because of the wonderful privilege of teaching and modeling a biblical worldview in a loving, affirming environment that helps to stimulate, inspire, and challenge students spiritually, academically, and socially."

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Summer Dalafu

Junior High Head Teacher

"I believe the Lord has given me a calling, as a teacher,  to disciple students on this campus by helping them grow abundantly strong as they are filled with both knowledge and wisdom, and come to recognize that the very grace of God that was on Jesus, rests on them as well."


Diana Reynolds

High School Head Teacher

"There are so many things I love about teaching at KCS. One of my favorites is that I get to spend my day in conversations about faith, life, and literature. I love that my classroom is a space where ideas are shared and a place where we challenge each other to grow"

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Todd Martin

High School Athletic Director

"One of the things that I love about working at KCS is that I have the opportunity to interact with students both in the classroom and through athletics.  It allows for different types of interaction and a chance to overlap both physical and mental growth."

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Mark Hucknall

Jr. High Athletic Director

Being the Jr. High Athletic Director I feel in my spirit to not only equip these students with the skills and knowledge of the sports but to invest into them by encouraging them always. Just like the scripture Psalm 127:3-4 says, children are the arrows and we are the warriors who need to point them in the right direction; to strengthen them physically, mentally and most importantly spiritually!

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