Invest in Gold

As we celebrate our 40th anniversary, we celebrate reaching many milestones of growth and service. From the original donation of the property in 1978, construction of new classrooms during the 80’s, 90’s and 00’s, the addition of the gym in 2002, to the new playground completed in 2018, the Lord has truly multiplied our blessings. Reflecting on our almost four decades of growth, we remember with gratitude the many individuals, families, businesses, and community partners who have prayerfully come together to build the heart of our operations, the KCS campus.


Looking to the future, we hope to continue to grow the quality of education and facilities we can provide our students. More than that, though, we hope to be good stewards of the facilities we have already been blessed with by maintaining and repairing them as the years go by. In this endeavor, we are seeking your support in one of two ways:


We are praying for families, alumni, friends, or businesses to Invest in Gold through a one time, monthly or yearly donation of any amount.  We ask you pray to see if Invest in Gold is something your family is able to do.  


The Invest in Gold program supports the continuous improvements of current infrastructure and future facilities. 100% of your one time, monthly or yearly investment will go directly towards maintaining and developing the Kings Christian School campus.


Donated funds will be designated to repair current needs such as:

     Classrooms and Buildings

     Parking Lot


     Air Conditioning





Funds will also be used for future infrastructure developments like:

     Gymnasium Air Conditioning

     Added Classrooms and Buildings

     Playground Equipment  

If you desire to donate please click the Paypal Invest in Gold link in the sidebar. You will be redirected to our partner site, Paypal, which will allow you to donate to KCS. We truly appreciate any donation amount.


Thank you for your support!