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3 Ways to Give


1. The Invest in Gold program supports the continuous improvements of current infrastructure and future facilities. 100% of your one time, monthly or yearly investment will go directly towards maintaining and developing the Kings Christian School campus.


Donated funds will be designated to repair current needs such as:

     Classrooms and Buildings

     Parking Lot


     Air Conditioning





Funds will also be used for future infrastructure developments like:

     Gymnasium Air Conditioning

     Added Classrooms and Buildings

     Playground Equipment  

2. The second way to give to KCS is to make a general donation to the school. General donations help support everyday operations. 

3. The third way to give is to a specific program or department at KCS. If you would like to donate specifically to Aviation, Athletics, Arts & Electives, etc; please make your donation in person at the office during regular business hours.


Thank you for your support!

** All donations are tax deductible and you will receive a donation receipt letter than can be used for tax purposes after the end of the calendar year. **

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