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Offered 6th - 12th

Students attending Kings Christian School on campus and through our Private Satellite program have the opportunity to participate in a variety of unique electives designed to give each student the opportunity to experience and develop skills in areas beyond their core academics.

Electives such as Puppetry, Ukulele, Survival Skills, News Casting, the Marvel and the Maker,  Creative Writing, and more are offered to the Jr. High students each quarter. Rooted in Christ, these electives aim to inspire growth and creativity in the minds and hearts of the students as the begin to develop an understanding and appreciation for each of their own and their peers God given talents.


High School students are offered a wide variety of unique electives such as cooking, gardening, photography, Enterprise, 21st Century Yearbook Design, strategy, art, and more. Participation in these classes aims to equip students with life-skills and talents that can be used for the glory of God now and as they prepare for a future beyond KCS. 


Unique to Kings Christian School is the Aviation program offered to High School students. This program is taught by a former Navy pilot and focuses on teaching the students basic principles of aviation such as aerodynamics and aircraft instruction, air space, aircraft systems and instruments, and aviation weather. In addition to these foundational principles of aircrafts and aviation, students are given the opportunity to experience actual flight time. 


  Furthermore, students are encouraged to develop a life long appreciation for talents and music through performing in events like the Grandparents Day Musical, the Jr High Melodrama, Poetry & Prose, and the famous High School Lip Sync Competition. 

Kings Christian School students have participated and performed at the Tulare County Office of Education Poetry & Prose Festival, the Kings Art Center's Young Masters Art Show, and at other local facilities and events. These events give the students the opportunities to grow their confidence, self-esteem, and character through public speaking and performance, preparing them to use their voice and talents for the glory of God now and in their future.

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