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Elementary and Junior High Athletics

A Word from Our Athletic Director...


The aim of our Junior High Athletic Program is “to expose students to a variety of sports both to build fundamental skills as well as find hidden strength.  My goal is to have students find some form of sport or event that they enjoy and will lead to continued pursuits of fitness throughout their lives.”



“I hope to expose our students to many sports so that they can see where their talents best fit or have the opportunity to develop the skills needed to continue to play a sport that they enjoy at a high school level as well.” 

“We are in a competitive league with other small schools in Kings County.  We offer volleyball and flag football in the 1st quarter, soccer in the 2nd, basketball in the 3rd, and both softball and track in the 4th.  Within each of these sports, we seek to build fundamental skills and then build on those fundamentals as students move forward.” 

​“I think it is very important that in everything we do as a school, Christ is at the center.  A few years ago, we used the phrase "our fitness and our witness" as part of our focus.  We get the opportunity to teach sportsmanship as well as hard work and competition through a Biblical lens.  We get to push students to work hard in everything they do "as working for the Lord", and show them how that also applies to competing with intensity.  That is coupled with making sure that we represent Christ and the school well with our attitudes and sportsmanship.”

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