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High School

A Christ-Centered Approach to Preparing Students for Life

Kings Christian High School is accredited through both WASC and ACSI, and our core academic courses are University of California A-G approved. We offer Honors or AP courses in all core subjects, diverse extra-curricular activities, an aviation class taught by a former Navy pilot, and varsity level competitive sports for both boys and girls year-round. All of our teachers hold degrees, are credentialed in their subjects, and are active in their faith.


Our Christ-centered educational approach includes weekly Chapel sessions with worship led by students and featuring student-coordinated guest speakers, Bible courses, and participation in the Crusader Life program, a class created specifically to allow space for students to grow in parts of life beyond just math and English.

Additionally, once each semester classes are paused for students to spend time serving together in the community. Students participate in park cleanups, serve at various local churches, and work with organizations like Lemoore Christian Aid and Kings Food Pantry.


Beyond our Christ-centered, student-focused approach, what truly sets Kings Christian High School apart is our unity. Because of our small class sizes, our students are able to grow and connect with each other on a deeper, cross-class level, and teachers are better able to cater classes to the specific needs of their students as well as make themselves available as mentors for your child.

Throughout each year we hold many different events, and each student is invited to take part. From a high school-wide Secret Santa and a Christmas Feast celebration, to the weeklong retreat students embark on together at the beginning of each school year, there is a wealth of opportunity for each individual to participate. We feel that this fosters an environment of belonging and cultivates the deep-seeded sense of family among our students that is integral to who we are as a learning institution.


If you’re interested in learning more about our programs, or scheduling a high school tour, please contact the front office.

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