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High School Athletics

A Word From Our Athletic Director

“The purpose of our high school athletics program is to allow students to compete to the best of our abilities at a high school level.  Even though we are a small school, we do our best (and have been very successful over the years) to compete with other schools with much larger enrollments.  We are part of the East Sierra League for all sports other than football, and compete at a Division 5 or 6 level for all sports.  We offer volleyball (JV and varsity) and 8-man football in the fall, boys and girls basketball in the winter, and baseball, softball, and track and field in the spring.  Cheer is offered for both our fall and winter seasons as well.”


“…over the 4 years I have been here, we have had multiple league MVP's in various sports, multiple coach of the year awards, as well as representation on 1st and 2nd team all league recognition in each sport as well.”


    “Practices and focus at the high school level is increased in intensity from our Jr. Crusader sports.  Students are pushed further to improve their individual capabilities while working to improve the team as a whole.  We still have athletes of all skill levels on our high school teams which allows participation from students who may not have played that sport before, but due to our enrollment, have a chance to be a part of that team.  Our goal, even with various experience levels, is to compete at a high level, while displaying Christlike character in our actions on and off the court/field of play.”

“Besides the health benefit of the physical activity involved with athletics, teamwork, dedication, time management, and learning how to both succeed or fail well are all things that are taught and hopefully learned through sports.  Learning how to deal with a tough loss or losing season and to work harder to turn that around is something we will deal with in many areas of life.  The joy of victory while remaining humble and gracious is another life skill that we hope to develop.  Many of my own life lessons were learned through sports, and I hope that we can teach our student athletes some of these lessons that will be applied to many of their future endeavors.”


    “One thing that is unique about being at a small school, is that as a staff member, I have the privilege of working with students in many different areas.  The relationships that we are able to develop with students both as teacher and coach are special.  We get the opportunity to see the various strengths and weaknesses of each individual and are able to disciple the student as a whole person.  With Christ as the center of all we do, we can teach hard work, fight through difficult circumstances, encourage each other through struggles, and celebrate well deserved victories!”

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