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With Jesus Christ as our uncommon core, the concern of our elementary school is with both the academic development and spiritual well being of the child.  Our aim is to guide students in having a commitment to a life of Christian excellence for God’s glory by helping them to understand our need for salvation, discover their purpose in life through whatever occupation they have been called to, grow in knowledge and understanding (both academically and spiritually), and become more like Christ. 

“We know that God and His Word are truth.  Therefore, our main philosophy is to help guide our students in the perception, interpretation, and application of this truth.”  Tim Hanson, KCS Elementary Head Teacher 


Through subjects such as Language Arts (language, reading, spelling), Math, Penmanship, History, Science, Health, Physical Education, and Bible our elementary teachers seek to train the whole child in their gaining of knowledge. 

“We believe our emphasis on teaching with a biblical worldview helps the students to know the importance of being set apart from the worldly ways of what is perceived as just being common.  This is valuable in trying to train up the whole child, because this UNCOMMON view is incorporated in every aspect of our teaching and training.”  Tim Hanson, KCS Elementary Head Teacher  


The KCS Difference

Extracurricular Activities

At KCS, student life is active and vibrant.  A balance of academic training, worship, study, sports, and play allows opportunity for learning that is full of both growth and fun!

Our small class sizes allow for unique and individualized attention towards every student.  Our teachers have a special opportunity to reach in to the lives of each child through time devoted to tutoring, praying with, counseling, and helping the students.

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Student Life


Class Size




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