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Junior High

While incorporating our commitment to a life of Christian excellence through salvation, calling, competency, and character throughout the classroom, our goal within the Junior High is to teach the world of God through the lens of the Word of God. 


Junior Student Leadership Team


Preparation for Life


Class Size

Different opportunities, such as the Junior Student Leadership Team (JSLT), help to prepare and grow the students as leaders with servant hearts.  Within this program, students have an opportunity to have their voice be heard in what they would like to fix, change, or highlight.  They also have a chance to take on leadership roles while learning what it looks like to be Christ-like in all that they do. 

There is not an area of life that God is not sovereign over.  The Lord is the Author and Creator of all things.  Throughout our curriculum, we are able to teach the students how each subject can be used for His glory as we help to prepare them for their future, whether that be in the area of math, science, literature, or the arts!

Our small class sizes allow for more one on one interactions and more intentional mentorship opportunities.  Teachers are able to be a part of the lives of each student, while attending to both their academic and spiritual needs.  Our focus is not just on the child’s development as a student, but also on their character development and well-being as a person. 

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