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2019 - 2020 Yearbook Videos

Celebrating 40 Years Opening Page

Mr. Daniel Dedication Page (3)

Poetry and Prose "The World's Fastest Bicycles" (28)

Poetry and Prose "Summer Camp Souvenirs" (28) 

Poetry and Prose "My Dog, Bella, Plays Piano" (28)

Jr. High Ukulele (46)

Praise and Worship Night (66)

High School Retreat Team Movies (89)



High School Spirit Week Mr. Crusader (93)

High School Spirit Week Minute To Win It (93)

High School Spirit Week Balloon Stomp (93)

Luke At Bat (103)

SLD Amazing Race (106)

Chapel Band (107)

Locker Room Bands (119)

Pom Pom Squad (119)

Spike Ball Tournament (119)

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